Gender reveal – its a…..!

Welcome back. I am so excited to announce the gender of our new baby. But before I do, I want to talk about how exciting this whole journey has been. Motherhood is quite a gift that many of us take for granted. Being a parent is a gift that many of us take for granted. I recently became a member of this online community of women. These women are in every stage of life whether they are actively trying to become pregnant, or they are trying to evade pregnancy, this community has helped by allowing us to be there for one another. I learned that every woman’s journey is special. I bring this up because through this community I have met women who have had pregnancy scares. While I have met others who have tried everything to conceive and haven’t had any luck. I feel for these women because I have been these two types of women. I have had pregnancy scares when I was younger, and I have gone through months where I just couldn’t get pregnant just recently. It is difficult being in both these positions. The reason I bring it up and why this relates to revealing the gender of my baby is because it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a boy or girl, all that matters is that baby is healthy.

Everyone knows that since I was little, all I have ever wanted was to become a mother to a little girl. I used to love playing house and dressing up my baby dolls with different pretty dresses. I have always dreamed of taking my little girl shopping with me or taking her to get manis and pedis for a mommy/daughter day. Or to be there for her on her wedding day helping her get ready and fluffing her dress. I have always wanted a little baby girl. So much that, I hate to admit this, but I actually cried both times I found out I was having a little boy. It is terrible of me to say, but that is how I felt back then.

Well, fast forward almost 9 years and I can honestly say that I have matured so much. I realize that my boys are literally my everything! They bring so much joy to my life. I am their mother. And they are my babies. I love how strong they are. And even though they don’t like going shopping and would never get a mani/pedi, I love how their little faces light up when they talk to me about things they love like video games and football and farts (yes, I said farts lol…boys will be boys). It may not be princesses and unicorns, but I am totally okay with it. I can still be there for them how they need me to be. And on their wedding day, I may not be fluffing their dresses, but I will be there to remind them that they are great men and that they are going to be okay. Plus, at this point, I have no idea what I would do with a baby girl. I would probably go broke because there are just too many cute babygirl clothes out there.

My entire pregnancy so far, all I could think about is making sure that my baby is healthy and that I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that my baby is healthy. We have conducted so many blood tests to ensure that my baby is good and well on track. One of those blood tests performed was to determine the sex of the baby. The doctor said that the test results are 99% accurate and that it would take about a week to get true results. So my husband and I anxiously waited for a whole week before we found out. This happened about 8 weeks ago but we decided not to reveal the sex until we could visually confirm it with an ultrasound. And we did, yesterday!

I have to say that both times we found out (blood test and ultrasound), at first I was a little disappointed. But then I remembered that so many couples don’t even get this far. So many of them can’t even have babies and here I was complaining or feeling sorry for myself for not getting the sex I wanted. It felt wrong of me to feel disappointment. It was wrong of me because I didn’t want my baby to feel that it wasn’t good enough or that we didn’t want it. The truth is, we have been waiting for this baby for so long and whether or not it is the sex that we wanted doesn’t matter. Not now, not ever. This baby is perfect just the way it is and it is so loved. So even though we didn’t get what we wanted, we got what we needed. And what we needed was another little baby……

We are so excited to announce that we will be having another precious baby boy. We cannot wait to meet him!!

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Hello all! I am a Navy wife and a mother to two boys and two furry girls.

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