Powder Room Update – DIY

Ideas on how to give your powder room a face-lift on a budget!

Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! As I promised, I am going to write about how to give your powder room a quick and easy facelift without having to spend a fortune! Below I posted a picture of what my powder room used to look like. I do apologize because I took the picture after my husband had already taken down the awful mirror and after I taped up the vanity to prep for paint. 

As you can see, the bathroom is not updated at all. The vanity is old and very plain. However, the sink and counter is made of real white granite so we decided to keep it and just give it a little paint job. I repainted the walls and ceiling because whoever painted it before did a terrible job. To save a few dollars, I decided to reuse the same paint used when I updated my laundry nook. I prepped the entire bathroom. I covered the floor with paint protecting sheets and covered the toilet and vanity as well. It was a little bit tedious, mostly because I am a perfectionist and if I am not satisfied I will work on it till I am. 

Next, my husband unscrewed the doors of the vanity to ensure the vanity would be painted evenly without damaging or painting the hardware. Once the doors were removed, I immediately began painting. I chose a dark almost, black color to compliment the black faucet. The faucet lights up when the water is flowing so I definitely wanted to keep it, plus buying a new faucet would mean that I would also have to buy to new light fixtures and so on. I just did not want to spend that money nor could I afford to. Anyway, so after I painted the vanity and doors,  I allowed them to dry over night. I applied another coat of paint the following day. Then, I applied a wax sealer to protect the paint long term. Once the paint dried, I removed all the tape and cleaned the vanity for any excess. 

Next, I re-caulked where the floors meet the wall. Again, the people who did this before did a terrible job. Since, we decided not to update the floor just yet, I felt that the area needed to be re-caulked. I used Loctite Re-NEW Caulk found at Home Depot.  I do not recommend using it as the caulk always seeped out and was very messy. Needless to say, the whole caulking process although messy, was a success. 

Once everything was painted and re-caulked, it was time to decorate. The first thing I did was buy a mirror. I picked up a mirror by Martha Stewart Living found at a nearby Home Depot. I would attach a link to the site, but I did not find it on the Home Depot website. It was only about $50. Next,  I went to Ross and Marshall’s where you always find really cute home decor for a very reasonable price. I found a couple of black steel baskets that I ultimately used for shelving. Ordered a couple of decorations on Amazon to complete the look. I am really into baskets and urban/farmhouse decor so I decided to go that route and the black accents made this super easy to accomplish. Again, I was on a budget so I was very conservative in my spending. Altogether, I think I spent about $200 to update my powder room. I have attached pictures below. 

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