Laundry Nook Face-lift – Do It Yourself DIY

Hello all! I just want to start off by saying that I am so happy to see that you all are reading my posts! It really means a great deal. As you all know, we recently bought a little piece of Maryland. The house we bought is a bit old, it was built in the 90’s, so it needs a little updating. Luckily, the previous owners remodeled the kitchen to perfection so we do not have to touch the kitchen at all. All living spaces are in great shape as well. The floors are natural hardwood floors which my husband and I love! The only spaces needing some updating are ALL the bathrooms. I am currently working on giving the powder room on the main floor a little face lift (with the help of my amazing and VERY handy husband). Last month, we had a new washer and dryer installed so I thought I might give the laundry nook a face lift as well considering the space was very nasty and dingy. Below I attached a couple of pictures displaying just how dirty the old space really was. We really couldn’t tell how bad it really was until we removed the old washer and dryer units.

Once I saw how bad it was, I dragged my pregnant butt to Home Depot and bought some vinyl flooring, some paint, and wall paper. I was determined to make this space pretty before my new washer and dryer arrived. One of the most important things before we began the transformation is that we maintained a low budget. After all, we are planning for new baby to arrive and I am a stay at home mom now so we do not have two incomes coming in anymore. First thing I did was chose a wallpaper that I love. I ended up going with NuWallpaper – Slate Blue Quatrefoil Peel and Stick Wallpaper found at Home Depot. At only $40 per roll, I couldn’t pass up this deal.

Once I did that, I designed the rest of the space around the wallpaper choosing matching paint and flooring. I chose a white/off white paint which was only about $35 for a gallon at Home Depot. For flooring, we decided to go with TrafficMASTER – Grey Wood Parquet 12in. x 12in. Residential Peel and Stick Vynil tile found at Home Depot.  One case of this flooring is about $21. We bought two cases, but only ended up needing one case.

Once I bought everything I needed, I began cleaning the baseboards so the paint would stick better. First, we painted the walls and the ceiling to ensure a more uniform look. Second, we began to stick the wallpaper to the back wall. Because we stuck the wallpaper on the entire wall, floor-to-ceiling, this was a little tricky so I was sooo glad my husband was there to help. We had to buy two wallpaper rolls just to cover the back wall.

Last, we removed the old vinyl flooring and installed the new vinyl flooring. Most of the flooring was able to fit as it was, but there were a few tiles that my husband had to measure and cut in order for them to fit snuggly. Luckily, he is very handy and can build and fix just about anything.  Now, for those of you who know me know that I am not handy with tools or paint or anything at all so my husband had a very interesting weekend trying to teach me. I am slowly but surely learning.

Once the floor was laid down, the laundry nook looked completely brand new!

I am very excited to make this new house our home. When we bought our house in San Diego, it was completely finished. There was nothing that we needed to do and although it was nice to have the luxury of not needing to make any improvements, I really like that with this house now, I can add my personal touches to really transform this house into our home – the Williams’ home. I am so happy that I get to share this journey with all of you. I hope you enjoyed this post. A new post will be coming next week where I will post how I transformed my main floor powder room with a few minor touches or paint and updated hardware.

Thank you!!!

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Hello all! I am a Navy wife and a mother to two boys and two furry girls.

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