New Williams Baby – Due April 2019!

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. To those of you who periodically check my page, I thank you! SO many things have happened since my last post. As you know, my husband and I bought our home and have finally began to settle in. We had a drastic change in lifestyle since moving to Maryland from NYC. The boys have grown to love their space (which we didn’t get enough of in NYC – shoe box sized apartments LOL). Even though I miss the convenience and shopping NYC had to offer, I keep falling in love with Maryland’s beauty: nature, kindness of people, and even the squirrel who tried to crash in our attic a few weeks ago. My family and I have truly been blessed and the blessings keep coming – we have a new bundle of joy joining our little family in April 2019!!

Many of your who follow my Facebook Page know that my husband and I decided to start trying again in April earlier this year. We decided that after he got into the medical school of his choice, we would begin trying. Once he received his acceptance, I made an appointment to have my IUD removed and voila the doc said I was instantly fertile! Sike! Not true. Although it was nice to have a few month to prepare us for the move, I would have loved to get pregnant right away. My youngest is 8 years old, so I really wanted a new baby in the house. I think my husband did too but he was fully committed to finishing his graduate degree at Columbia University and really didn’t need any additional distractions. After all, he is a full time dad, full time husband, and full time Navy Sailor. With how expensive it was to live in NYC, we couldn’t afford to have me stop working to concentrate on the baby, so we decided to wait until we knew where our new “command” would be located. When we found out that he was accepted to the medical school of his choice (which is also a military medical school), we were ecstatic that we could start trying again!

So here we are after 7 months of trying, we are expecting Baby Williams due April 2019! I uploaded an app called Glow to track my ovulation cycle and help speed up the process. I also bought a TON of ovulation testing strips on Amazon to really help me understand my ovulation cycle. I realized that although the app gave you an estimated timeline on when to expect ovulation, it was not accurate. The testing strips, however, nailed it right on the nose. So after a few months of testing, I realized that I ovulate late in my cycle and was able to pinpoint with more accuracy when the best chance to get pregnant would be. I also learned through the Glow and Nurture app community that many women were able to get pregnant using Pre-Seed which is a lubricant that helps the sperm swim up the vaginal canal…so we tried that as well. NO LUCK! After a couple of months of trying, my husband just told me to stop obsessing about it and that it would happen when we least expect it. So I did. During summer vacation, I would grab my book and a beer (michelada) and take my kiddos to the pool every day! I also stopped remembering to take my prenatal vitamins. This went on for about a couple of months. Next thing you know I am officially pregnant! As soon as I stopped obsessing, it happened! I kind of wish I didn’t drink beer everyday and remembered to take my prenatal vitamins! But here I am in my second trimester. The nausea and fatigue are slowly subsiding. My first trimester was terrible! I felt sick to my stomach almost every day, hence why I have been MIA on my blog! But thanks to the Glow and Nurture app community, I was able to get advice and inside scoops from other expecting moms and used their tricks to help subside nausea symptoms. I found that pregnancy pops work wonders! Also, ginger and lime infused water really helped me as well. I have officially had to buy maternity pants – which are pretty fashionable compared to what they had 9 years ago! Although I don’t look pregnant – more like I ate a really really big burrito – I am so happy and soooo thankful to be able to experience this joy again!


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Hello all! I am a Navy wife and a mother to two boys and two furry girls.

4 thoughts on “New Williams Baby – Due April 2019!

  1. I am so happy for your new addition, I remember your first shower at Mandies place and being so happy for you then. I’m certain doing it this far out from your last 8 year old, is new in itself. I hope you have a girl! Xx


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