My baby is 8!

My little firecracker is 8 years old today. I remember April 13 night 8 years ago. We were stationed in Atsugi Japan. It was a great day to take a walk in the nearby shopping center which is exactly what we did. It was around 7:30ish when I began having contractions. I thought they were braxton-hicks until they wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t until 9ish that I told my husband it was time to go! The hospital was about a 45 minute drive from our home so we prayed there was no traffic and that baby Sobral wouldn’t arrive sooner than we arrived at the hospital. I have never seen my husband so stressed or drive so fast yet so careful at the same time. It was very funny to see actually.

When we arrived, Sobral was not ready to come yet. It was actually very much like he is now; he was ready, but not really lol. He was born very very early on April 14. I guess he didn’t want to be born on the 13th which makes sense, no Friday the 13th scares in the future. It is actually just like him to strategize something like that. I can picture him spreading out his little legs and arms across uterus holding on with his feet and hands saying, “nope, not today!” until the 13th was a thing of the past. And of course, when he finally did decide to make his debut, he came in full swing with those healthy lungs of his! He made sure to make the whole world was aware of his arrival. And the only thing that could pacify him was daddy’s voice. Well, let me tell you, not much has changed. Only daddy can shut him up lol. It is quite clear that that little curly haired boy has me so smitten and wrapped around his finger that it doesn’t matter how many times I tell him to be quiet, he just bats his little eyes and I forget all that’s wrong in the world.

Well today is my baby’s 8th birthday. And for 8 years he has brought so much happiness to my life. He has made me laugh like I’ve never laughed before. He has opened my mind and has made me use my imagination to join him on his little mind escapades. He is such a witty boy, I forget he has only been on this earth for 8 years. I seriously can’t believe that I ever lived in a world where he didn’t exist. Happy 8th birthday to my baby boy!

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Hello all! I am a Navy wife and a mother to two boys and two furry girls.

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