The Beginnings

Growing up in Los Angeles, a career in fashion was my dream and so I pursued it all while I was a single Mom and working a full time job. I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and majored in Fashion Marketing. During my last year at FIDM, I met a wonderful man who was and still is a US Navy Sailor and I fell in love. He was transferring to Japan and I was still in Southern California. It only took us about 4 months to realize that we couldn’t live without each other and got married only 5 months after. There were so many thoughts running through my head, “what am i doing?”, “is this the right choice for my son and I?” But the more I got to know this man, the more I realized that he was perfect for me and I knew that I belonged with him. Shortly there after, I packed up my baby boy, Malachi, and moved to Japan to be with my Sailor. It was a very scary process as I had never lived with this man, but we have now been married for almost 9 years and have 2 beautiful boys! Due to my husband’s career in the US Navy, we have been able to live in places most people wish they could visit. I have lived in Japan, San Diego and now NYC. It seems like a blast, but we have had to deal with the stresses of relocating our kids, our dogs and me finding a new job. Despite the stresses, it has all definitely been worth it because everywhere we go, we always meet wonderful people and learn about and embrace different cultures. We get to teach our children first-hand that all cultures are wonderful even if they differ from ours. It is a wonderful thing!


Do you remember your first thoughts after meeting your forever significant other?

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Hello all! I am a Navy wife and a mother to two boys and two furry girls.

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